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Waterside House

How do you break through to 20 key target individuals in a crowded and often noisy marketplace? We needed to engage with these individuals on a personal level.

And what could have been more personal than a lifestyle guru who offered to change their lives for the better? We invented a fictitious Life-Coach who would hold out the promise of a better life.

There was a tongue-in-cheek back-story for our guru - Sid Awtree, (an anagram of Waterside) and he was given his own website, Twitter feed, blog and marketing campaign to create an impression of a larger story.

A personalised ‘motivational tape’ was sent to the pre-primed targets via an i-pod. It contained the final ‘reveal’ of the building.

Ad Bikes and Ad Walkers / Blog / Twitter / Clean Graffiti / E-mailers / Motivational Audio (On i-pod)