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Central Cross

How do you create a retail destination from a blank canvas?

Firstly, you create a distinctive ‘destination' name and logo and then you bring the location to life by using the development's 190m hoarding line to create an interactive ‘experience’ that attracts attention and engages the public.

Our button badge hoarding concept conveyed messages of good will to the Olympian and Para-Olympian teams and encouraged people to touch, to photograph, to take and as a result, to interact. Those who wore the badges became brand ambassadors to a wider audience. Over 70,000 badges were taken from the hoarding over the campaign’s 6-week period. The resulting social media activity took our brand and message to a global audience with postings as far afield as Nashville and Hong Kong.

A teaser animation was produced and used the iconography of language the brand to communicate the narrative and ambition of Central Cross and done so in a way that would appeal and inspire our targeted audience.

The brochure was of high quality, beautifully produced and articulated the aspiration and detail of the scheme with simplicity and a sense of dynamism.

The hoarding was re-purposed to deliver these same sentiments, but at a local level.